What to do with a leftover cake
WHAT TO DO WITH A LEFTOVER CAKE Anti-waste ideas to recover leftover cake, panettone, pandoro, and so on and so forth. It will surely have happened to you too, especially after the holiday period, to have any leftovers of cake...
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What to do with cabbage leaves
HOW TO COOK CABBAGE LEAVES A save dinner and save money idea. I tell you what's happened... A few days ago I had to buy a cauliflower, it was beautiful and it was the last. It weighed 1.5 kg but...
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how to recover un unbaked cake
What to do with an unbaked cake
WHAT TO DO WITH AN UNBAKED CAKE An easy idea to deal with an unexpected event in the kitchen. If you have come this far, most likely it is because you have asked yourself or you are wondering right now,...
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