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Leftover Cake Cookies
LEFTOVER CAKE COOKIES A sugar free recipe that gives new life to leftovers and cake scraps. Today I want to share with you the recipe for my leftover cake cookies, perfect for using your leftovers. It will have happened to...
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Aphrodisiac sugar free Valentine’s Day cupcakes
APHRODISIAC SUGAR FREE VALENTINE'S DAY CUPCAKES An intriguing combination that will give you an explosion of pleasure at every bite. It was a real head-to-head initially, but ultimately the aphrodisiac salt free Valentine's Day cupcakes won the survey gliding straight to...
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Sugar free cake pops
SUGAR FREE CAKE POPS The clever idea for recycling leftover cake Sugar free cake pops are the perfect idea to use all those times you have leftover cake, biscuits, muffins, sponge cake, panettone, pandoro, and so on and so forth....
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Sugar-free chocolate and mint Panna cotta by Vallì Homemade
Chocolate and mint panna cotta without sugar
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CHOCOLATE AND MINT PANNA COTTA WITHOUT SUGAR A funny and healthy idea to refresh the hot summer afternoons. The idea of serving chocolate and mint panna cotta without sugar as if it was a real plant inside a jar was...
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