A creamy and tasty ice cream that is prepared almost by itself

Gelato fatto in casa senza zucchero e senza gelatiera

The hot season is almost upon us and, even if in the last few days the weather has been a bit strange, we are now ready to enjoy ice cream and popsicles to relieve the hot days. I think this is the most awaited recipe since I started the blog… today I will reveal how to make my vanilla cream ice cream without sugar and without ice cream maker.

Since I was a child I have been a lover of ice cream every season… whether it was summer or winter, whether it was sunny or the universal flood no one could take me away from eating ice cream with my grandfather… My favorite flavors? MINT and STRACCIATELLA! It was a ritual that I loved and also loved ice cream ?. Over the years and especially since I started eating salt and sugar-free, it has always been difficult to find an ice cream that was real ice cream, or that tasted of the chosen taste.

I open a small parenthesis that maybe I will also develop later in a dedicated post…

Unfortunately, or better, luckily when you remove salt and sugar from your diet you have totally another perception of what you eat, you finally savor the true essence and the true taste of food and therefore yes, you become much more picky in terms of ingredients and quality… ?… What many people may think is tasteless because salt or sugar is not used, it contains a unique taste to be discovered… just the right combinations of ingredients and high quality.

Returning to us, unable to satisfy my desire for ice cream anywhere, I began to search for my perfect recipe. It has not been easy and as usual I know that I will not stop at this result that I am sharing with you… I will continue to experiment and see how I can improve even more. Today I will share the recipe with you to get a classic… a wonderful  vanilla ice cream without sugar and without ice cream maker. We will only need 3 genuine ingredients just like the ice creams of the past… soon I will share with you the recipes to get others flavors.

Let’s arm ourselves with whisk and let’s start…

We’ll start from the procedure step by step and at the bottom, as usual, you will find the summary card with all the doses, ingredients, utensils etc that you can always keep with you.

What do you think of this vanilla ice cream without sugar and ice cream maker? Write me your thoughts in the comments… I can’t wait to read them.


Let’s take 3 bowls. In one we put the egg whites, in the second the yolks with the fructose and in the third the heavy cream.


With the help of the electric whips we whisk the egg whites until stiff, then we move on to whipping the cream and finally the yolks with the fuctose.


If you do not have the electric whips you can use a planetary mixer or even the hand whisk to whisk the ingredients.

We add the egg yolks whipped with fructose to the egg whites and with the help of a hand whisk we delicately incorporate everything from the bottom up.


When we have obtained a homogeneously colored mixture, we add the seeds of the vanilla bean and, always helping ourselves with the whisk and the movement from the bottom up, gradually we incorporate the whipped cream.


Let’s continue to mix until all the heavy cream is well incorporated and the color is homogeneous.


We put everything in an airtight plastic container, close the cap and put it in the freezer.


Instead of the airtight container, you can use the professional carapine that you can find on the market or … ? … you can use an accessory of an old toy in vogue when I was a child… The ice box is a perfect replacement for a carapine! It will never be like a PRO tool but it does its duty… For the curious I put below the promo for a short dip in the 80s… It’s in italian.


So as we said we leave our container or our carapine in the freezer for at least 5 hours.


Once the time has passed our ice cream will be ready to be served.



The minimum time required changes, as for the oven, from freezer to freezer. You may need a little more or a little less.

Excellent to be enjoyed natural like this or served of fresh strawberries, 100% dark chocolate and hazelnuts, or naturals pistachio cream with unsalted pistachios… A creamy, tasty, healthy and natural ice cream that will brighten sunny afternoons and evenings together.



Do not change fructose with any other sweetener because it will not have the same result. Each sweetener has a different glycemic index and a different sweetening power.


Do you want to add to your recipe book this summary card of the vanilla ice cream without sugar and ice cream maker?

Send me a message using the form below and I will be happy to send you personally the PDF file.

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