A novel written by Giulia Ethel Tomasi

I admit I am very excited to dedicate this dish, and especially this small space on my website, to the novel “Tutto all’Aria*” written by a person very dear to me: my friend Giulia Ethel Tomasi, Venetian of origin but a citizen of the world.

She is a WOMAN, SINGER, ACTRESS, WRITER, NARRATOR, VOCAL COACH, TRAINER, and TRAVELER. Her adventures have taken her on a journey between Italy, Australia, China, and the United States.

How did we meet?

Giulia photo by Paolo Zenere_Valdagno

Giulia and I met for the first time in 2007, during an artistic journey near Castelfranco Veneto. Later we got lost and finally found ourselves again in Milan in 2012 during another artistic path. We still cultivate our friendship between vicissitudes, shared adventures, and long phone calls a thousand kilometers away.

She  is an extraordinary person, let me be clear, I am not saying this just because she is my friend, but because I really think so (also because, when she does some mistakes, I certainly don’t stay in silence). I admire her as a person and as an artist… She has an extraordinary power of which, I believe, not even she is completely aware… I have seen her transform novice guys in singing, into extraordinary guys ready to ride the stage in very few lessons; I watched her hypnotize audiences of the most different ages with her versatile and enveloping voice; I watched her take off, fall, get up a bit bruised and continue on her way.

Giulia and I dressed accidentally in the same way

Giulia for me is more than just a friend…

Do you know those people who even without speaking know exactly how you are or what you are thinking?! Or those people who are so much on the same wavelength, that without agreeing, they find themselves wearing the same colors or the same pattern when they meet?! Giulia and I are like this… Among other things, writing this little article I realized that we don’t have many photos together… she and I are the same in this too… we like to live the moment instead of immortalizing it! ? So, you have to enjoy just this pic that I’ve found… but I would say it’s the most significant… ? But, back to us…

Why am I so excited to present the dish I created for Giulia’s book?

Well, you must know that I saw how this book was growing… draft after draft, correction after correction, day after day, between Giulia’s sleepless nights, her fears, and the flights between Recoaro and Los Angeles. Tutto all’Aria is not just a novel, but it is a real journey through words, music, and notes in Amina’s life.

I still cherish with love one of the drafts that Giulia gave me before leaving for one of her trips to L.A., but I admit that the greatest emotion was that of finally being able to tighten the finished, bound book…

What was just an idea had become reality!

il libro tutto all'aria

Buy your copy now (just Italian version available at the moment)

 Tutto all’aria on Amazon.it*

…The plot in a nutshell…

Tutto all’aria* speaks of a voice that falls in love, deceives itself, bleeds, breaks, disappears, changes, reappears, finds itself, and is embodied in the story of Amina, a young singer, a soprano, who has a dream and in pursuing it falls many times.

Betrayed, she starts from her small country set like a gem in the Little Dolomites, in search of her true voice, to open up to a larger flight to Australia, America, China, journeys that will allow her to know and appreciate deeply its origins.

Story of coming and going, of falls and departures, an artist who tells behind the scenes, a woman who learns to love herself, the courage to pursue a dream, the desire to give voice to herself. “If you open up, life opens up with you… Find out why you are here! Close your eyes and jump!”.

A story that has the power to awaken other voices, to stop ignoring what hinders us, to release our authenticity in this life, to shine and resonate. “When you respect your roots you can go anywhere.”


Tutto all’Aria is therefore a journey through Amina’s story between departures and returns, loves and betrayals, dreams and fears, flights and falls where you have to stand up. It’s a book full of conflicting emotions that make the heart jump… I read it in one gulp, and in order not to miss anything, decided to also live the complete experience listening to the audiobook version, where the voice of Giulia, combined with her songs and music, took me on a totally immersive journey through history. This version can be found on Audible* or on all other platforms,

“If you open up, life opens up with you … Find out why you are here! Close your eyes and jump!” 

-Tutto all’Aria

Here you can hear one of her songs:

Make a choice


From the moment I finished reading it, I immediately felt the desire to represent this book in a dish that contained its essence at the first bite. It took me some time but the idea finally came to my mind. Here is my “ROOTS” a cake for Tutto all’Aria and Giulia.

La torta per Tutto all'ariaA modern, 100% gluten-free cake, elegant but at the same time authentic, just like Giulia. Externally I want to represent her painting on the cover in an edible key, using all-natural ingredients 100% without chemical junk. While as a whole I have tried to enclose the key to the reading that I have taken from the book:

To take flight finally connected to ourselves and to our soul [represented by the Pea Flower and the Feathers] sometimes we have to fall down [represented by the grass], “literally with the ass on the ground”, overcome the acid and bitter challenges [represented by lime and matcha tea], interspersed with layers of sweetness [represented by coconut] and rediscover our center, our sun, our origins [represented by the polenta cake]. All these ingredients give rise to an explosion of flavors and tastes that inebriate the palate… they simply bring us “In Full Flight” in “Tutto all’Aria”.

You can find other curiosities about my friend Giulia, about the book and about the next dates of the book-show by visiting www.tuttoallaria.com.

Giulia is on Facebook e Instagram too.

But after this magical journey through the pages of this book, who will be the next protagonist to be told through a dish? The next one could be you.

To be continued

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