Does making homemade butter seem crazy?! Does it take too long to do it?! No! It’s child’s play and in a few minutes you will get a special and good butter’s stick like it used to be in the past.

Making Homemade butter in 5 minutes is the first recipe that I would like to share with you as it is one of the bases of my cuisine and will often be used to prepare cakes or other dishes.

In my diet salt-free and sugar-free I try as much as possible to eliminate the chemical stuffs, so the butter is made by me… it is better than ever… to be spread on bread, to be used in cakes or dishes or to eat like this (try it)… just one ingredient and you’re done. It’s a bit like going back in time but with the tools at our disposal nowadays we reduce not only the preparation times but also the elbow grease that we should take to prepare it.

In the past, butter was prepared with a cylindrical tool mainly made of wood, called the Zangola. The heavy cream was placed inside it, the lid was closed and the plunger was slammed for hours if necessary. We just need few minutes and that’s it.

We need only one ingredient: FRESH HEAVY CREAM without preservatives or additives* (the one sold in the fridge counter) and a powerful food processor. Thanks to our food processor we will be able to have our butter ready in 5 minutes. I will explain the method step by step, but you will see that it is very simple, while at the end of the recipe you will find a surprise, a summary card that you can always keep with you… a small gift from me to you.

To find out if the cream we are taking is a good one, we must read very well the packaging. One stuff that we need to check is the expiration date. Normally if something has preservatives it tends to have a longer shelf life. The important thing to check that it has to me carrageenan-free. On the label there must be written just – fresh heavy cream – nothing else.

Pour 500gr of cold fresh heavy cream into the food processor with the blades already inside.

If your food processor is equipped with the “Butterfly” accessory, use it. Close the lid and activate a medium-low speed.

You can use any food processor, both those with the plastic cup and those with the steel cup. Basically, the steel cup allows you not to overheat the butter and to obtain it in less time. If you don’t have a food processor, don’t worry, you can use both the electric whips, the hand whips or even a glass jar*.

* If you want more info on the steps with these alternative techniques, send me an email or write me in the comments and I will be happy to answer all your questions.

The cream will begin to whip. In the meantime, get a bowl, a colander and a clean dish towel and stack them on top of each other. When the fat part and the liquid part of the cream have separated you will hear that the robot noise changes (from the 4th or 5th minutes).

Switch off the robot and remove the lid. Inside the glass you will see many small solid pieces (that’s your butter) and a liquid part called buttermilk.

Pour everything on the towel you placed on the colander. Take the flaps and close it in a bundle.

With a twist of the two ends of the bundle obtained, start squeezing trying to get the liquid out.

WARNING: if you squeeze too much, a little butter could pass the fibers of the tea towel. I recommend after a squeeze to reopen the tea towel, turn the butter mass, close and squeeze again. Do this several times.

You will have your butter insied your tea towel. You can put it in the refrigerator inside a glass container if you intend to use it all in the next 3/4 days or you can freeze it (even just wrapped in baking paper) if you want to consume it the next week or more.

Buttermilk is left in the bowl. You can throw it or even better you can put it in a glass bottle, drink it or use it in many recipes instead of milk (see waffles, crepes, bread …) or in recipes where it is expressly required (red velvet cake). 

You can leave the butter with the spherical shape obtained or with the help of a container and film or with sticks and baking paper recreate the stick of butter. If you prefer you can also create a cylindrical shape.

You can leave natural or flavor it with spices at will, such as chilli, turmeric, rosemary… They will be ready for your dishes.
With 500gr of cream you will get from 160 gr to 190 gr of butter. The weight varies according to the quality of the cream, the temperature and other factors.

Homemade butter, such as buttermilk, having no preservatives, has a very short shelf life in the refrigerator. We are around 2/3 days for buttermilk and 4/5 for butter. Since I have a compulsive mania in the anti-waste of food, I prefer to prepare the butter and freeze it while reusing the latticcello shortly for some other recipe.

Do you want to add to your recipe book this summary card of homemade butter recipe?

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