A simple recipe for teasing the senses

Dave and I have chosen not to watch television, so much so that the small TV in our temporary house has become a bulletin board where we write down all the things to do… We spend our evenings talking, creating, playing and sometimes we allow ourselves some films or musicals available online by nestling in our “cinema station”. On these occasions Dave always wants something “appetizing”… Until before tasting my Unsalted Tortilla chips he opted for the classic homemade pop-corn but now, he is in difficulty and every time he doesn’t know what to choose.

Tortilla chips are snacks of the Mexican cuisine or Tex-Mex based on corn tortillas cut into triangles and then fried or baked. They were popularized in the 1940s by an entrepreneur who, looking for a way to reuse imperfect and unsuitable tortillas for sale, thought it well to cut them into a triangular shape, fry them and sell them in cheap bags and, as you well think, it was a success.

They are excellent to eat like this, to be used as the basis of a very famous Mexican dish, the Nachos or they can be reviewed in other ways. Soon I will share with you here, on the blog, some inviting ideas so be sure to stay tuned.

This is my recipe, simple and doesn’t take so much time to make torillas. Dave and I like them naturally but they are also amazing flavored with chilli, sweet and / or smoked paprika, pepper, garlic and onion powder etc. or with a mix of these spices for the most demanding palates.

Let’s arm ourselves with rolling pins and go…

Are you ready to be conquered by the flavors of Mexico?! Let’s start with the procedure step by step while at the bottom as usual you will find the summary card with all the doses, ingredients, tools etc. that you can always keep with you.

P.S. this recipe contains gluten. I am developing the gluten-free recipe for all my friends with allergies and / or intolerances.


In a bowl we pour all the ingredients corn flour, 00 flour, water, EVO oil and spices (they give more taste but are not essential).

We mix everything until the water has absorbed. Turn everything upside down on a work surface and knead until we obtain a malleable dough.

To make our chips we can use any corn flour: classica, white, raw, etc. without forgetting the quality because the flour changes from brand to brand and so does the taste of our chips. I personally use organic instant corn flour.

Place 1/4 of the dough on a lightly floured surface or on a sheet of baking paper that is always lightly floured and remember to cover the rest of the dough with plastic wrap.

We roll out the dough with a rolling pin to obtain a thin sheet 1 or 2 mm (0.03 to 0.07 in).

Form many circles as you can on the dough with an 8cm (3in) diameter pastry ring.

Let’s divide the circles obtained in 4 segments with a scraper or with a pizza cutter. Eliminate the scraps that we will re-mix later with another 1/4 of pasta.

Meanwhile we heat the peanut oil in a pot. When the oil is hot, dip the triangles a little at a time and let them cook until they are golden brown.

With the help of a slotted spoon, remove the tortilla chips from the oil and lay them on some kitchen paper towels. Let it cool down and proceed to do the same operation with all the triangles obtained from the prepared dough.

For the amount of triangles inside the pot you have to adjust yourself according to whether you are using a large or small pot. Make sure it is not too full otherwise they will not fry well.

The unsalted Tortilla Chips are excellent to eat as well as mid-afternoon snacks, as an aperitif or instead of popcorn in front of a movie. They are great to accompany a homemade TexMex dinner with guacamole, tortillas and pico de gallo.

We can cook our  unsalted Tortilla chips even in the oven by placing our triangles on greased parchment paper. We spray the surface of the triangles with extra virgin olive oil and then bake them at 200 ° C (392°F) for about 5 minutes.

Do you want to add to your recipe book this summary card of unsalted tortilla chips?

Send me a message using the form below and I will be happy to send you personally the PDF file.

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