An easy idea to deal with an unexpected event in the kitchen.

Come recuperare una torta non cotta

If you have come this far, most likely it is because you have asked yourself or you are wondering right now, what to do with an unbaked cake… first of all, especially if it has just happened to you, don’t panic… you are not alone… do not think at all that you are not good at cooking… these things happen even to the best chefs! Second, remember, there is always a solution to everything.

Many factors can cause unexpected events in the kitchen… the quality of the ingredients, the internal/external temperature or of the ingredients themselves, the humidity, the processing, the gestures, our mood, the wrong recipes… I could be here to list them many… and I’m sure that, even if we were to be so good at controlling them and keeping an eye on them all, anyway some catch could always escape us… it’s the beauty of being human.

A few days ago I was experimenting with a new recipe for a very fluffy sugar-free cake… It seemed that everything was going perfectly when at its best. Just before taking it out, it went limp revealing an unbaked heart. At this point, I should have taken and thrown everything away but my anti-waste instinct combined with that of determination led me to ask myself: What can I do with an unbacked cake and not throw away food for nothing?!

If you are asking yourself the same question, here is a small idea to transform what could be considered a disaster into a success. It will lift your morale, your wallet, and above all, it will satisfy your stomach.



Come recuperare con una torta non cotta

Take the cake and cut it in half. From each half, start cutting slices 4/5mm thick (0.12/0.16 in). Place them on a plate lined with baking paper and bake at 80°C (176°F). Leave the slices inside the oven until they are completely dry. Remove from the oven, let it cool and voilà … you will have prepared some excellent biscuits to soak, nibble like this, eat with homemade yogurt or to use as a base for dessert in a jar or simply on which to spread some homemade jam, some hazelnut cream or peanut butter.

What do you think of this idea? Write your impressions here at the bottom of this page. For any doubt or uncertainty do not be afraid to write to me, I will be happy to help you.

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